The Photographer

You see the kinship in the glint of the horse’s eye, the sweet extension of a foreleg reaching out to another horse. You may feel the trickle of a tear.

You let out a sigh of “ahhhh,” because viewing a Cheryl Cathcart photograph is both physical and emotional.

Enter the world where Cathcart’s sensitivity to the horse’s expressions is evident in unique images. You begin to understand the powerful icons of the American West, as well as the horses of Europe.

Come; enjoy the photography of Cheryl Cathcart, a resident of New Mexico who travels the globe to explore the habitats of nature’s gifts. You will experience Cathcart’s poetic view of the world, the lens through which she brings images speaking profound truths.

Cheryl Cathcart studied with esteemed photographer Harold Feinstein who greatly influenced her quest of photography for the love of it. Since moving back to the West, Cathcart has worked with Craig Varjabedian award winning fine art photographer.