Recent Exhibition

“Our visitors have really responded to Cheryl’s beautiful images, and I have received many compliments on this exhibition. Her great photographic eye, coupled with the technical excellence and large size of the images, has made for a very dramatic and impressive exhibit. It’s an educational experience as well, as some of the European breeds of horses she shows in her work may not be all that familiar to an American audience.”
– David Lundy, Curator of Exhibits,
New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum

“Your photographs of horses are among the most beautiful I have ever seen. Ever since I first viewed them two months ago,  they have stayed with me.  The only thing I don’t like about them…is that they’re not mine!” –
Harold Feinstein, Photographer

Harold Feinstein, Photographer

“The power and grace of horses are captured in Cathcart’s colorful images. Light and color add striking beauty to the photography exhibit.” – Albuquerque Journal, Museum & Historic Sites Summer Guide 2015

The Albuquerque Journal

The Exhibition

In a World of Horses is a photographic exhibition of Cheryl Cathcart’s images of beautiful horses that explores the fascination with horses in our lives. The current installation includes 32 large images of horses having a range of perspectives from closeup portraits, to action and gesture, and to wide angle environmental images that include beautiful landscapes illuminating where the horses live. These images were made in a variety of settings from elegant European breeding farms, show-horse training stables or corrals to wild horse territories located in US national forests. From the earliest European cave images, where horses are depicted more often than any other animal, people have been drawing, painting and now photographing these magnificent creatures. These images are all digital capture brightly printed on modern archival paper.

In a World of Horses will present refreshing opportunities to inform visitors about exotic and perhaps unfamiliar horses. Linking the past to the present, images here include strong working horses and elegant riding horses in Europe and America, the feral Mustangs of the Rockies, and the rare small sturdy horse breed (called Sorraia) from the Iberian Peninsula that in part gave rise to the Mustangs of our western United States when the Spanish shipped them to the new world. All these examples of horse breeds embody timeless beauty and power that will serve to trigger (forgive the pun) memories of horses in our past at home or at the movies.

This exhibit has been a special delight for the many classes of young school children who visit the museum for cultural enrichment trips with their teachers. The photographs are on loan to the museum for one year ending in November 2015.

The Photographer

Cheryl Cathcart was drawn to the magic of photography because it captures in an instant a specific moment in time and space with visual cues to the emotion inherent in the scene.  The specific choice of horses as a favored subject began about six years ago. Largely self-taught she discovered that photography and travel were tightly bonded during a two year sojourn in South America and Europe in the mid 1970s.  With the availability of better digital cameras, she abandoned film and darkroom chemicals with gratitude. Photography is the perfect combination of science and art. The functional demands of digital SLR cameras must be entwined with the timeless considerations of composition and light. The artistic side of this equation allows easy expression of feelings and thoughts about the horses.

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The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum is located just off Interstate 25 in Las Cruces at 4100 Dripping Springs Road.

Hours are Monday through Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Sunday: Noon to 5 p.m.